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Mix Info:Something Mellow 4:46mins @140BPM Atmospheric Vocal based Chillout/Ambient

Overall Rating

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No extra EJay programmes needed to listen to this mix.

Message sent with this Mix:
Max says Ok Nige , here's my version , not quite . US2K ( Nigel says) well I never this is seriously music to sober up to after a hard night of partying lol Queen' s Bohemian Rhapsody Crossed with Aphex Twin. Suggest it is only alcohol the person is sobering up to with this lol

US2K Review: Max and I cannot review our own music.

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Mix Info:Mercy on the Dance Floor 3:39mins @140BPM Commercial vocal based Dance/Techno

Overall Rating

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No extra EJay programmes needed to listen to this mix.

Message sent with this Mix:
Kicked this one out for ya Nige!.

US2K Review: This mix begins immediately with a powerful dance hook, consisting of a very commercial sounding trance riff and an occasional "Yeah" vocal, and some intermittent parts of a four on the floor bass drum pattern. A bass drum roll at the six seconds position introduces a more completw four on the floor drum pattern but slower than usual and with no accent snare.

The nature of the four on the floor changes the next five seconds, becoming steadier and an anticipated snare accent being skilfully added after it is used to introduce itself with a fill shortly after some new vocals. The powerful hook now has an equally strong dance groove to accompany it.

The mix continues to be catchy and danceable up to the forty seconds position at which point a a scream is used to add further excitement to the mix. The new theme for the mix becomes the dance hook with "Yeahs" and female shouts every 8 bars to add energy to the listener experience.. This theme continues up to the one minute forty one seconds position. At around the one forty two seconds position there is a short bridge announced by a whoosh sound, involving the departure of the four on the floor drum groove, a change in vocals and a slower variation of the synth melodies used for the mix main hook, and the introduction of a new synth line to answer the existing musical arrangement.

The bridge section finishes at the two minute five seconds position before the vocals announce "Its time for war" and a long powerful whoosh re-introduces the main drum pattern, whilst all melodies feel like they have sped up with an additional synth line. the main groove is back with new dance floor hook equally powerful as the first has been formed, but I wonder whether the bridge and change in musical idea was a little late in the mix?

The new dance floor hook continues up to the three minute thirty two seconds position, with the various vocals being used to add interest and energy every so often. At the one minute thirty three seconds position a sound effect like an analogue radio being tuned in, a drum roll, and a synth from earlier is used to play a slower, lower octave "goodbye" melody, after which the mix ends cleanly on delay from the synth and a hot steam whoosh sound effect.

My final evaluation of this mix includes the following factors, catchiness of melody line and dance floor suitability (9/10), demonstration of general musical skill (10/10), use of drum fills, sound effects and vocals, natural musical cues to announce changes (10/10), use of sound effects, drum fills and vocals to add interest to the mix (9/10), use of melody/harmony or arrangement changes to maintain listener interest (8/10), wide audience appeal (8/10), musical structure (9/10), application of studio engineering techniques including delay, reverb, panning, equalisation and compression (10/10).

My final overall score is 9 out of 10, and my summary is it has a lot of potential to be a super vocal based dance track but the excellent hook in the last minute needed to be sooner and a hi hat would have enhanced dance floor appeal further too. It is well worth a listen to anyone who enjoys dance music and a dj should have no problem including it in their club mix.

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Mix Info:Meet the Friendly Folk 6:06mins @132BPM Progressive Trance

Overall Rating

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No extra EJay programmes needed to listen to this mix.

Message sent with this Mix:
This progressive trance sounds inspired by folk music.

US2K Review: This mix is one of mine so I cannot review it.

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Mix Info:Gala Party ( Motionmix ) 5mins @136BPM Techno

Overall Rating

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No extra EJay programmes needed to listen to this mix.

Message sent with this Mix:
Ripped your track up a little

US2K Review: The mix begins with a rhythmic melody line produced with a synth patch that has similar characteristics to a harpsichord, has been delay treated, and been equalised really well to give it a real good clarity. This synth is accompanied by a broken four on the floor drum consisting of bass drum and closed hi hat, and an occasional "whoosh" or other electronic sound to add interest to the mix.

After nine seconds a sound effect and a bass drum roll introduces a full four on the floor bass drum sound and a second synth playing lower octave notes (or it could be the same one playing at two octaves cannot be certain?), the result is catchy and modern sounding and danceable. The mix continues and a left of stereo cymbal introduces a snare which is first assumed to be just an accent for the bass drum but after a few hits it plays some fills, takes lead by design; and the listener knows they are going to hear something with a lot of thought in it.

The mix continues with the snare leading up to the twenty seconds position at which point an atmospheric percussive sound announces an imminent change. The change being the synth re-taking lead whilst the snare plays a flam or double beat to drive the mix onwards and the entire arrangement having a better flow as it progresses than the introduction but with descriptive elements. The descriptive elements I mention include the high pitched delay/reverb treated synth left of the stereo-field playing a single dramatic around the thirty three seconds position and then after a few drum fills at the forty two seconds position when they are anticipating the synth again they get a sound effect instead which somehow fulfils the same role, gives an answer and still does far more in the fact it is a longer sound capable with the help of a snare fill of introducing a change in the mix.

A series of bridge sections lasting for approximately twenty seconds whilst various subtle melody changes prepare the listener for the main mix hook.

At the one minute four seconds the mix main hook starts after an atmospheric cymbal, the snare drum initially leaving the mix to enhance the change. The hook involves two synthesisers already heard from earlier forming a catchy "answering each other" sequence at different octaves supported by a newly introduced acoustic sounding bass instrument.

The mix progresses to the one minute fourteen seconds position a bass drum roll provides the cue point for the snare to return and for a moment a more standard dance floor rhythm is established with the snare accenting every second bass drum hit before a snare fill and an atmospheric sound effect right of the stereo-field allows the snare to assume a more laid back role.

At the one minute thirty seconds the snare cannot be heard at all but slowly it returns at a lighter velocity playing between the bass drum beats. At this point there also changes in the synth arrangement too including the addition of a new higher pitched synth or an existing one playing at a higher octave, and at shorter note intervals. The result is an intense answer for the other synths melodies.
,br>The mix continues on up to the one minute forty seconds position with yet more interesting synth variations whilst the low frequency bass instrument is slowly faded out. After removal of the mentioned bass the music progresses further to a point where the snare is used again to provide a fill which announces one of the support synths taking lead in the musical arrangement to play a musical idea which restates the theme of the main hook before the next major bridge in the mix is encountered.

The major bridge at the two minute eighteen seconds position involves the departure of all drums except the snare, some new pads/strings and the slow introduction of a new techno synth playing the hook melody line used in the middle 8 sections from the original mix of mine. The synth immediately takes lead playing slowly at first, then after a drum fill and the return of the bass drum and closed hat the synth speeds up.

The mix continues on to the two minute forty seconds position with one of the synths from earlier playing a catchy support rhythm, before the pad/string then the bass drum leaves the mix. The bass drum returns and the original hook melody change into something more complex influenced by the mix introduction but still hinting the underlying hook theme although now on two synths playing answering melodies then further interesting variations on that theme are heard.
br>Continuing to the three minute fifty six seconds play position a "false ending" is encountered. One of the synths plays a higher octave goodbye note sequence and there is a split moment where only a whoosh is heard. The listener has been tricked into thinking the composition has come to an end but shortly afterwards when the whoosh finishes all drums and instruments return although playing a slower calming down theme. All synths and the bass are heard in the new arrangement, which continues up to the four minute seventeen seconds position.

From the four minute eighteen seconds after there has been two previous dramatic synth stabs the mix continues to wind down with a slow removal of instruments. After a short moment where the bass drum is removed and the snare plays the bass is removed then the mix continues a further eight seconds to the final moments of the mix involving the last delay treated synth playing solo for a series of ending scales. The mix ends cleanly on the delay trail of that synthesiser finally reaching silence after five minutes of play.

My final evaluation of this mix includes the following factors, general demonstration of musical skill (10/10), wide audience appeal (9/10), musical structure (10/10), catchiness of melody (10/10), use of drum fills, sound effects and natural musical cues for announcing changes in the mix (10/10), variation in melody/harmony/arrangement changes and sound effects drum fills to add interest to the mix, sound engineering including the use of delay, reverb, equalisation, stereo position compression and other studio mastering techniques (9/10). My final overall score for this excellent techno interpretation of my original break-beat production is 10 out of 10. I highly recommend this mix to those who enjoy techno or trance of any type and there are parts that a skilled dj could use especially early evening or in more chilled moments of a dance floor ready set.

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Mix Info:The Challenge 3:58mins @135BPM Commercial Trance

Overall Rating

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No extra EJay programmes needed to listen to this mix.

Message sent with this Mix:
New track from us , enjoy:.

US2K Review: This mix begins with a whoosh effect, before a really happy commercial sounding synth melody enters the mix and a variation of the standard four on the bass drum dance floor beat is introduced. Although there is the expected accent snare the artists have included sophisticated little bass drum rolls every four to eight bars making the main groove for the mix a little more interesting than a drum machine pre-set pattern. The drum pattern enters the mix unannounced by a cymbal, drum fill or sound effects but does not sound abrupt. As I sit here in the hotel room where I am reviewing the music, I realise course the resolving final note from the melody line made this change possible, so this is highly likely to be Portal Z' s influence because Max usually does something much more "flash". Never-the-less Max Motion influence is heard a few moments later with some well executed fills on the snare drum pattern again.

At the thirty two seconds position I near an "electronic read-out" sound effect followed by another "whoosh" which announces a change. The change is a drop of the drums before the melody line before a slower heart-warming harmonic accompaniment joins a faster higher octave interpretation of the introduction synth pattern to create a really super dance floor hook line (main mix hook 1).

Arund the forty eight seconds play position after the hook has repeated itself until successful resolution, the four on the floor sound to returns with a clap instead of a snare resulting in a more "clubby" feel to the mix. This theme continues until the one minute seventeen seconds position with a few snare fills and an increasing intensity on the lead synths on the way to keep the mix interesting.

A whoosh sound introduces the first bridge section for the mix which is a duet between two synths playing notes to form a more intermittent musical theme based on the main hook line. During this bridge a steady four on the floor bass drum pattern is retained but without accent clap or snare. The bridge slowly changes as the synths slowly increase their note lengths to resemble mix main hook 1, albeit at a higher octave, slower but with more intensity. To keep the mix danceable at this point the club drum pattern formed from four on the floor bass drum and clap is re-introduced. Affectively the drums have been allowed to lead and drive the mix for a short period, whilst the original lead instrument for the mix main hook is given a support accompaniment role.

A club theme continues until the one minute fifty nine seconds position at which point the drum pattern leaves the mix from successful use again of a suitable scale resolution point instead of a sound effect or crash to announce a change.

The next section of the mix is another bridge section where a new hook is introduced. Half way through this bridge after a few repeats of the hook the clap is re-introduced on its own, indicating the full club drum pattern may return soon, and shortly afterwards the hook becomes a bit more intermittent and a "Max Motion" style stop start beat which always gives an impression to me that the mix wants to resume the full dance floor groove again but breaks are being put on it.

This time the pattern is a little more complex than usual because it includes a tom drum which I wonder was Portal Z' s idea. The stop start beat continues for a few repeats each time teasing the listener before a snare roll is finally used to announce the return of the club groove they have been waiting for, with an interesting subtle difference, a snare and a clap are both used to accent the bass drum.

At the point of the full club drum pattern’ s return there is also another very great commercial sounding hook suitable to conclude the mix. It is formed from a delay treated lead synth playing a new melody line based on earlier themes, at least two accompaniment synths, one playing slower/longer notes the other playing something more rhythmic.

The hook continues to its final moment at the three minute forty five minute mix position, where a few more powerful "good bye" notes are heard and then some intermittent shorter ones are used in conjunction with a clap and snare to form a fill to before one last whoosh is used to end the mix in an effective smooth way.

My final evaluation of this mix includes the following factors, general demonstration of musical skill (10/10), catchiness / dance floor friendly factors (9/10), wide audience appeal (9/10), Use of sound of crashes sound effects or other musical rules to introduce changes (10/10), Use of melody, instrument or arrangement variations to maintain listener interest (10/10), musical structure (10/10 influenced by three part progressive format), sound engineering including equalisation, panning, reverb, delay, compression and after mastering effects (9/10).

The only thing I wonder now at a later date is whether a more prominent bass line was needed which is why I do not award a special 10+, however I maintain my original overall score of 10 out of 10 and my final conclusion is this is an excellent commercial quality trance production with some really catchy hooks, and any dj should find it a useful original inclusion in their exclusive music set.

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Mix Info:Electron Dance 4:43mins @140BPM Techno

Overall Rating

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No extra EJay programmes needed to listen to this mix.

Message sent with this Mix:

US2K Review: This mix begins with a rhythmic raspy delay treated synth hook is played at a bass octave. Seven seconds into the mix a squelchy acid synth joins the arrangement to play an answering melody for the existing synth hook. It begins centre of the stereo position but seems to move round subtly. The duet continues up to the twenty seconds position, at which a sustained higher octave note is played from one the existing synths to act as a mix fill and announce a change. The change mentioned is the addition of a steady four on the floor bass drum pattern. The chosen drum is of a characteristic which drives the mix without booming, which has the benefit of not muddying the mix or drowning out the lower frequencies of other instruments. One thing which is interesting though is the drum also seems to have some cymbal-like qualities to it, so I wonder if the bass drum has been layered with another percussive instrument such as a hi hat of some type.

At the thirty four seconds position a snare fill introduces a more obvious closed hi-hat or shaker playing a sixteenth note pattern, typical of that which often accompanies a four on the dance floor pattern. The result is to make a more compelling rhythm and hook to listen to, all in all the succession of changes have been affective in creating an excellent flow for the mix. The new hook remains interesting to listen to up to the forty seven seconds position after which point some intentional some intentional note changes in the melody lines to represent a fill are used in addition to a few clap snare rolls and other sound effects are intermittently introduced to announce an imminent change. After the equal successful creation of a fill effect again with a simple sustained higher octave note, the indicated change takes place with the introduction of an accent snare for every second hit of the bass drum and a fill at the end of every so often to add drive and interest to the flow of the music.

Around the one minute fifteen seconds a few higher octave note scales are used to announce yet another change, which is the addition of a new synth playing melody line which fits the arrangement to the extent that allows the acid synth to periodically answer it. The result forms a new very happy sounding hook and a fairly danceable groove that I will refer to as main theme two. The more danceable musical theme continues until the two minute nine seconds position.

At the two minute ten seconds position a sound like a jet landing introduces the start of a major bridge for the mix. This bridge is formed by thinning out the musical arrangement, the use of various sound effects including a vox and a few snare fills. The new sparser selection of instruments consists of just a bass drum and either the acid synth varying octave to alternate musical answers in bass then lead or a similar instrument is used to answer it as the bass line.

A bass drum roll is used at the two minute twenty four seconds position to announce the next major change which begins with the removal of all existing instruments again and a new steadier rhythmic bass line which reminds the listener a little of the introduction with its “raspyness”. A few whooshes later and a completely new synth lead playing an equally fresh sounding melody line enter forming main theme three for the mix. Despite giving the mix a new interesting twist, the melody line does have an adequate relationship and suitable answer to previous musical ideas to satisfy wide audience appeal. Main mix theme three remains interesting up to the point of a subtle drum roll which re-introduces an accent snare for the bass drum. From this point the mix just becomes better and better, the lead plays numerous "free-style" variations of main theme three, and the drum pattern has continuous subtle changes to retain listener interest without interfering with flow.

Around the three minute thirty eight seconds position a more powerful drum fill and more whooshes finally announces the concluding theme for the mix. This theme has a concept consisting of an arrangement of at least three octaves of different synthesisers, some have been heard earlier in the mix if not all but they now play a succession of different ideas based on the earlier themes and the results are very interesting and match the three part structure for the mix well. Of particular interest to me was the temporary slower musical part with fewer instruments at the four minute forty one seconds position which seems to me to represent a classical musical influenced "fan-fare" type coda section often used as an exciting way to indicate a musical composition is going to have its concluding themes repeated one last time. Listening further my theory is confirmed because after the "fan-fare" a snare roll is used to re-introduce the concluding themes exactly one last time to the listener before the five minute eleven seconds position after which a more intermittent descriptive melody line for a "good bye" is used to initiate the final moments of the mix.

At the five minute thirty play position after a few snare fills, a "jet landing" sound and a bass drum roll, all drums and bass instruments are removed from the mix and a solo of one or two delay treated lead synth right of the stereo-field plays a series of ending notes, slow at first, finally ending on a faster scale, and two last slow notes. As would be expected from this artist the mix is ending cleanly with precision and a smooth fade out with the use of instrument delay reflections.

My final evaluation of this mix includes the following factors, structure (10/10), demonstration of general musical (10/10), wide audience appeal (7/10), catchiness (10/10), Use of sound effects, drum fills to announce changes or add variation (10/10), general changes in melody line, musical arrangement (10/10), use of studio engineering techniques such as equalisation, stereo-position, reverb/delay fx and compression (8/10), bonus score because I enjoyed it so much (10+/10) Whoever says “techno is dead”, it was a better sound than the average dance music record in the present charts which is not even danceable because there is not even long enough parts with a constant beat (yeah I know in Ibiza they add a 90s dance underneath the mix to remedy things), as always in my opinion. This is a very enjoyable techno composition my overall final score is 10+ out of 10, it well worth a listen for techno enthusiasts and anyone who enjoys good music especially once the hi hat/percussion and the catchy melody hooks enter the mix. - The best new mp3 music from up and coming bands