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Mix Info:Kinetic 3.32mins @136BPM Techno

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No extra EJay programmes needed to listen to this mix.

Message sent with this Mix:
Hi mate, here is my newest tune and also my 2th t5 mix. I think this one is more leaning to the style of trance

US2K Review: The track begins with an immediately catchy hook melody. Gradually layers of drums, bass, and strings are added, being announced by drum rolls crashes and vox . At the 1:13 mark there is a really mellow melody based on the theme of the main hook, forming a superb middle 8. Drums, bass and strings all come in over time. At 2.31 a robot vocal re-introduces the main hook and the bass drums and strings are added expertly once again to the mix, and the mix eventually fades out to a crash at the 3:33 minutes mark. The general use of mastering effects and sound affects is almsot spot on and I have to score this mix with 8.5 out of 10 as I would buy it if it was on sale.