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Fresh music uploads for 2017

August 2015 Full 2 hour house show, as heard
on Venombase Studios Radio Dias

All music heard in this stream is by unsigned artists whom have provided music to JJays for free promotion either in the past or present. Future artist submissions will get the same respect if the music is good enough and meets the genre for the show.
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Partnership with Music Studio and Record Label

JJays (is presently being revamped, will it even be JJays) is now an official partner of Venombase Studios which belongs to part of the original Dance Industries team. This is great for you the artists and Jjays see more in the Venombase news section here


Random Top Quality Featured Music

Dj Set Jamie-For Amy pt4
Jazz Funk

Jay_Sissimo : 4:19 mins @130BPM

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Over a Decade of Mixes and Onwards for JJays!

The site is still going strong despite numerous attempts by various people and websites to get it closed down. Now with over a decade of mixes I thank artists for their continuing support.

There is no charge or subscription required to join this site, and artists can put as many mixes as they want on it, so what are you waiting for, start submitting your mixes, stream or download some top quality music as well...!!! The new HTML 5 mp3 music player will work on the latest browsers.

You can submit Ejay mixes, Propellerhead Reason, Image Line Fruity Loops, and other programs such as Pro Logic too.

MP3's can be submitted without their original "MIX" file but with proof that the music is not infringing copyright of others, and a "MIX" file or raw sample components are probably the best form of proof. Important About Your Mix Submissions.

More about site history...

The Artist Area enables you to find other music by an artist and if you wish to find out quickly what type of music an artist has on site that is listed with their name. Each time an artist adds new music they are analysed again and their upload summary updated.

Re-introduced is the popular tutorials section which now includes the scales for every musical key.

Free Loops and Samples here

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